Ahead of the Curve: Ad Blocking with Brave Browser

As a digital marketer and advertising, I’m both excited and hesitant about the new era the grassroots Brave browser is ushering in quietly. The news has been too busy covering the investigations into tech giants Facebook and Google. Apple’s keynote introduced some pretty enticing new products and features (see: Apple Watch). Meanwhile, Brave browser has […]

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Capitalizing on User Experience: How Amazon Nailed the Password Reset to Increase Purchase Behavior

It seems like absolutely everywhere you go on the internet now requires that you create an account and forces you to login to utilize that particular service or content. If you’re like me, or you work in the technology field and manage copious amounts of software tools, keeping up with dozens of passwords is a […]

Why Responsible Technology is Imperative to the Potential Impact of Human Behavior

I’m inclined to consider that technology has fundamentally changed human behavior as we know it. We have acronyms dedicated to concepts like “fear of missing out” (FOMO) that permeate the various mediums that consume us every single day. I came from the ashes of the MySpace generation, where your top three friends had to duke […]