Updated: Fitness Tech for the Type-A Desk Worker

If you’re anything like me, your fitness journey is a long and tumultuous road. You go through streaks of being super healthy, working out twice a day, and feeling like you can conquer the world. Then, the holidays roll around, the weather starts to get cold, and your bed begs you to sleep in just a little bit longer today. Before you know it, you’ve lost sight of your goals and you’ve put your health on the back burner. No matter how ambitious your career goals are, they will mean nothing if you don’t have a healthy body to support your rise to success! Taking care of your body is something that you will hear Warren Buffet talk about often, and I think it’s safe to say he’s a pretty smart man.

Finding a routine was always my biggest hurdle when embarking on a new fitness journey. Where to even start? As usual, I began by scouring the internet. Below is a culmination of over ten years of research that has helped to shape and define my own personal fitness journey. If you are a highly organized, Type-A individual like me, you will likely appreciate how these well-designed tools will help you save you time, frustration, and ultimately – get you to your goals if you let them!

Fitness Tech

BodyBuilding.com’s All Access Pass

Great for: Weightlifting


You can jump between dozens of different workout plans. So far, I’ve done Jamie Eason’s LiveFit, Meg Squat’s Uplift and I am currently trying out Transformed! Most of the available workout plans have their own dedicated apps that are mobile-friendly for the gym. They’re great because you can click to watch a video on any movement. Talk about giving you confidence to go tear it up at any gym, anywhere, any time! You also get 10% off every purchase, which makes spending money on that whey protein & casein protein just a bit less painful.

Price: $8.99/month subscription

Nike Run Club

Great for: Cardio


Combining coaching, Spotify Premium and Apple music, Nike Run Club gives you a chance to put in a measurable, high-quality run. Whether you don’t know where to start, are just looking to casually take up running, or are a serious athlete – this app has something to offer everyone. Now, they even have runs that they created in tandem with HeadSpace – because who doesn’t need more mindfulness in their life?

Price: FREE

MindBody App

Great for: Group Fitness Classes

Recently acquired, this brilliant fitness app is my go-to when I’m looking for a group fitness class. Many yoga studios, spin studios and CrossFit gyms have classes available, for both scheduling and purchasing, in-app. It makes trying out new gyms fast and easy!

Price: Classes vary by gym

Renaissance Periodization (RP) Diet App

Great for: Nutritional Programs


RP Templates was a life-changer for me. Finally, someone put macronutrient science into an easy-to-understand excel sheet, and they color coded it (just the way I like my spreadsheets!). So when they came out with the RP Diet App, it was basically the solution I had always wanted. I quickly grew frustrated of apps like My Fitness Pal and Fat Secret – the databases never had all the food I frequented and it was easy to get lost in the specifics. The RP Diet App truly makes the process easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to use. Nutrition is no longer a myth to me and I’m finally beginning to understand that the quality of my physical and mental functioning vastly changes depending on my diet. Trust me, follow this program and you will feel better than you ever thought possible. However, fair warning, this program requires discipline and dedication – it is not for the faint of heart!

Price: Starting at $15/month

Garmin Index™ Smart Scale

Great for: Tracking your progress

I purchased this scale a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. I was never one to ever write my weight down, but this scale seamlessly records your weight and displays it in useful graph format in the Garmin app. Like never before, you can visualize your weight journey, as well as other key metrics like BMI, bone density, muscle percentage and so much more.

Price: $149.99

With this many options for weight lifting, cardio, and group fitness programs, you no longer have an excuse to not get in a workout. A key to staying motivated is tracking your progress, so grab yourself a smart scale or a smartwatch to help gamify your journey. Don’t forget: above all else, your diet reigns supreme. You can’t outwork a bad diet! So do your homework – make a plan, figure out what works for you and your schedule, and get ready to live your best life!

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