Game-Changing Marketing Tools You Need to Know

Often times in a startup culture, you will find yourself with a lack of resources and a lack of funds. This is particularly challenging when you are given topline revenue goals, lead to opportunity conversion goals, or have to justify your specific impact on the company bottom line. If you don’t have the right tools at your disposal, you could quickly find yourself overworked, overwhelmed and under-performing.

As someone who has been in this position many times over, I’ve always kept an eye on emerging trends and technologies that can make my life easier. Keep reading to find out my game-changing marketing tools!


  • If you haven’t heard of Evernote, you are missing out! Rather than typing my notes into a word processor which requires you to save each document individually and offers wonderful surprises should you forget to hit “save”, Evernote allows you to organize everything into virtual notebooks. Creative types like me don’t like to spend hours searching for a document, so by organizing them into notebooks and making everything searchable, it’s easy to find content. Not to mention, that auto-save and auto-sync feature come in handy when you’re running from meeting to meeting! Available on all your devices with a premium plan, Evernote ensures you’ll be ready to take notes anywhere, anytime. When working in the equestrian industry, a good friend of mine was a top groom for Kent Farrington (one of the top-ranked world equestrians) and he actually runs his entire business on Evernote! Now that is powerful.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • It wasn’t that long ago that Adobe products used to be out of reach for anyone who wasn’t willing to drop a few thousand dollars on software (and let’s be honest – who wants to do that?). When Adobe launched Creative Cloud, they made their programs accessible to the masses. If you aren’t savvy in programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, I highly recommend learning some basic skills. Everything from Instagram posts to branding is created in these two pieces of software. Adobe InDesign is great for producing high-quality collateral for both print and digital, and Adobe XD is excellent for creating UI designs and comes with some pre-loaded “kits” that make it easy to re-use particular elements for iOS and Android designs. The thing I love most about Adobe software is that the skills you learn in one software are usually transferrable to the next, so it makes it easy to crossover and build on your skillset.


  • If you’re still scheduling your social media one day at a time, you’re doing it wrong. I used to manage multiple social media platforms and be responsible for the overall strategy down to writing and editing the actual content. It can quickly overwhelm you if you don’t plan ahead. Buffer is a great tool that allows scheduling of posts across multiple social media channels. It automatically shortens your links, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you pay for a premium plan, you can visualize performance across a number of metrics on each individual post. Post, track, measure, tweak and repeat!


  • PowerPoint used to be a program that I loathed, but once I continually worked on it and developed hundreds of presentations, I learned to appreciate it on a whole new level. One surprising (and amazing) feature of PowerPoint is that it is compatible with most Adobe products. Did your co-worker create an infographic in PowerPoint that you would love to add into your next marketing campaign? Just copy and paste it over – it’s that simple! You’d be surprised at how few people know how to unlock the magic of PowerPoint, so if you can make yourself one of the elite then you will certainly have a leg-up not only in the conference room, but when you are searching for that next opportunity as well.

Google Analytics

  • Fairly recently, Google launched an entirely new Analytics dashboard that allows you to customize widgets and drill down into every aspect of acquisition. It also allows you to set goals, track form submissions, run custom reports and so much more. Easy to install and absolutely free, I highly recommend adding this to your marketing website to gain valuable insights into your customers and their behavior.

Is there a tool you think I’m missing from my list? Drop me a message!

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